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Welcome to the LTEC Academy

Revolutionising learning in the Digital Age. Explore cutting-edge courses designed to empower tomorrow's AgriTech leaders.

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Custom-build your learning journey.  Choose from our flexible modules to design an educational experience that fits your Agritech ambitions perfectly



Simplify your path to expertise.  Our intuitive learning platform means you can start expanding your Agritech knowledge base immediately and hassle free.



Seamless learning, anytime and anywhereStay connected with your learning goals through our responsive and adaptable platform.

Crafting Customised Learning

You can elevate your learning strategy with LTEC's dynamic tools. Seamlessly transform your journey from concept to virtual classroom using our prescribed learning roadmap, or content developed bespoke to your needs. 

  • Strategic Learning Roadmap

  • Engaging Content Development

  • Access to Specialised Modules

  • Streamlined Course Prototyping in our Platform

  • Resources for Expanded Creativity

What is LTEC Academy?

It is a customised learning experience. It offers various modules designed to support your learning requirements and seamlessly integrate with your organisation. We will help you to effortlessly create, manage, and deploy engaging courses that will resonate with your audience.     

Why choose LTEC Academy?
At LTEC Academy, we revolutionise education by breaking traditional barriers and embracing innovative, continuous learning methods. Our courses are crafted to deliver practical, industry-relevant skills that cater to both today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges.
What types of biosecurity courses does LTEC Academy offer?
Our curriculum includes everything from introductory courses on disease prevention and control to advanced studies on biosecurity policy and management, preparing you for a range of roles in this vital industry.
How does LTEC Academy stay at the forefront of agricultural education?
We continuously update our courses with the latest agricultural technologies and sustainable practices, ensuring you learn from leading experts and real-world applications

Understanding BioSecurity: Essential Knowledge for All

Navigate biosecurity with confidence. Our platform offers comprehensive learning tools to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to master biosecurity, ensuring you're prepared for the challenges and opportunities in this critical field. 

Livetec: Building the Future of Biosecurity

In this free downloaded report, we look at the current state of disease across the world and examine the importance of building the future of biosecurity into today’s environments.